Lane Michael Leger was born weighing 8lbs 14 oz on June 17, 2004.  He was to be named Lane William but after a very scary emergency ceasarean section we decided to name him after St. Michael, the protector archangel. 

 Lane was a big eater and quickly earned the nickname “Potato Butt” by his mom and “Buddha Butt” by his Gramps.  His sister called him” Lane-O” and that’s the name that really stuck.  He was an LSU Tiger fan right from the start (he attended the 2004 Sugar Bowl National Championship in utero so he didn’t really have a choice!)  At just a few days old he watched the College World Series with his daddy. 

 Lane was all boy.  He absolutely loved being outside.  When he would hear the chime on the door, no matter where he was in the house he could make it to the door in about 6 seconds flat!  He loved his daddy and when he was anywhere in the vicinity he would jump out of anybody else’s arms to get into his daddy’s arms!  He was a very strong boy.  At about 6 months old he single handedly broke his very wooden high chair. 

 Once Lane started crawling it didn’t take him long to get into EVERYTHING!  One time he found his sister’s art supplies.  He found her green glitter and managed to scarf down half the bottle before his mommy could get to him.  He pooped glitter for three days!  Speaking of getting into everything, one day Jacob was painting the outside doors red.  Lane got a hold of the paint can, one hard yank and before his daddy could say, “Noooooooooooo” Lane was red…head to toe!

Lane loved his walker. He was such a quick mover that if we were outside mommy had to lay the hose across the driveway to keep him from cruising to the street. Lane's favorite foods were cheerios, corn and chocolate....that one he got from his mom! 

Lane had the fattest little feet. In fact, he wore shoes only one time in his life. Mommy insisted he wear them for a picture so she wrestled them onto his feet.  He was so amazed with them that the picture is actually of him fooling with the shoes!

Lane was an absolute joy of a child. He had a very infectious smile and laugh. Those of us who were honored to know him learned more from his short life than we will likely learn from our own. Lane died on May 27, 2005 at 5:25pm at Tulane Medical Center in New Orleans. The day before he suffered an irreversible head injury. Lane was 11 months old.